Vision & Mission


Be an Internationally renowned Training and Technical Service Provider for the Textile & Apparel Industry


To facilitate Sustainable Development of Sri Lankan Textile & Apparel Industry by Producing Competent workforce with Specialized Skills

Our Goals

  • Technically qualified staff with extensive experience
  • Industry focused technical training provider
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Internationally accredited testing laboratory
  • Internationally recognised training provider
  • Technical partnering to the government institutions and the industry

Our Objectives

  • Conduct Post Graduate and Degree programmes and to provide Diploma level education, training and consultancy and technical services to those in the Textile & Apparel Industry;
  • Establish national standards in Texitle and Clothing Technology Management and other related areas and award certificates in respect of the same; Assist the Government in the formulation of a national policy on Textile and Apparel Industry;
  • Link up with foreign Institutions, industries and laboratories and to provide accreditation and laboratory services and conduct high level of courses maintaining high standards in respect of the same;
  • Form affiliations with local and foreign universities and institutions with a view of awarding digress, post graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in the fields related to the Textile and Apparel Industry.
  • Carry out research and promote product development in the Textile and Apparel Industry in collaboration with State Institutions, local and foreign academic organizations, institutions and industries.
  • Offer testing and other related technical consultancy services in fields related to the Textile and Apparel Industry on a fee levying basis to local and foreign Institutions and to local and foreign students.
  • Conduct market surveys, technical and economic feasibility studies, project appraisals and valuations on plant and machinery used in the Textile and Apparel Industry.
  • Maintain a data base containing information relating to the product in, import and export and other technical information relating to the Textile and Apparel Industry;
  • Issue conformity certificates to those engaged in the Textile and Apparel Industry on international, national and company compliance system standards